Do I really have to leave Delicious?

Posted on Sat 19 February 2011 in tools

And now Google gives us a tool to import bookmarks from our Delicious: clearly one step forward towards abandoning our long beloved bookmarking site. Since the leaked Yahoo slide, it's all been about alternatives and competitors. The official statement from Delicious' blog is they're not going to shutdown, and even though it's a bit worrying they haven't updated their blog since then, there's no need to run away like crazy and abandon a service that has done us well for such a long time.

Google Over Delicious has been active since 2003, I've been using it for 3 years, and it just makes me sad to drop it. I want to give them a chance, see if Yahoo makes a good sell and some great company makes an awesome Delicious 2.0. Besides, I'm working on an add-on for Firefox that's using Delicious' API, and count on releasing it before everyone stops using it, he he.

I don't care, I want out and I want to hear about alternatives.

Fine, Delicious has export options in place in case you want to leave taking your bookmarks with you. Feel free to give them a try. There are enough sites out there listing alternatives, here's one list.

I like Pinboard. Basically because it looks a lot like Delicious and it's fast and minimalistic . You will have to pitch in around \$8 though, which it isn't that much. Even though charging for that kind of service nowadays may seem crazy, it looks like they did pretty well in acquiring customers when rumors about Yahoo dropping Delicious were leaked.

And I'm not going to recommend Google Bookmarks just yet because I haven't tried it thoroughly. Well, I've been using it for sometime to rename my starred items on Google Maps, since apparently you cannot do this in the mobile version, but that's another issue.