sqlmap couldn't detect it because we tricked it

Posted on Sun 06 December 2015 in tools • Tagged with sqlmap, sql injection, spanking the monkey, talk, con, seckc, bsides, derbycon, grrcon

A short study on how sqlmap was not detecting an instance of SQL Injection we had coded into a demo app

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Export your Delicious.com Stacks Before they Get Removed!

Posted on Sun 29 July 2012 in tools • Tagged with bookmarks, chrome, delicious, export, firefox, github, import, open source, python, source, stacks

A friendly warning to export and save your bookmarks from Delicious before they get removed

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Setting a default Firefox profile

Posted on Mon 11 April 2011 in tools • Tagged with default, firefox, profiles, windows 7

How to set a default Firefox profile on Windows 7

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Do I really have to leave Delicious?

Posted on Sat 19 February 2011 in tools • Tagged with alternatives, delicious, google bookmarks

A look into what alternatives are available since the bookmarking platform Delicious is going down

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