ISPs of the world: stop messing with my Internet

Posted on Fri 04 February 2011 in news

For a few years, telcos and ISPs have been offering flat rates and unlimited bandwidth for Internet users, including mobile. Now that they have acquired a share of the market big enough to control demand, it's time to put restrictions in place.

In the last few months, I've come across different ISP's bandwidth c[r]aps issues from different countries, being the latest Canada's UBB. If the day comes when this practice is imposed all over the world, ever single Internet user is going to be affected. I'm going to list a few of these examples, to try and give and idea of the magnitude of this trend, and how much it could change the Internet as we all know it, as we all love it.

There's a lot more. But what's most important here is that this is only the beginning. The general feeling about this is that big corporations want the Internet to become the new age TV, where the herd is -yet again- shown what they want, instead of what we individual sheeps like to see.

It makes me sad to think corporations are happily imposing restrictive business models just to get more money out of the users. And what's worse, they get away with it pretty easily: governments help them by creating as many laws as required.

I recommend you to grab a coffee and shiver reading more about Network Neutrality.