Correct answer Information Disclosure in TCExam

Posted on Fri 15 January 2016 in news • Tagged with CEH, wireshark, fraud, tcexam, online exam, information disclosure

TCExam contained an instance of information disclosure that allowed end users to guess the right answer during exams

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Introduction to Artifical Intelligence: A Revolution in Online Education

Posted on Fri 13 January 2012 in news • Tagged with AI, artificial intelligence, free, online education, stanford, torrent

My experience participating in the Introduction to AI first online education course

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Anonymous methods put into question

Posted on Wed 16 February 2011 in news • Tagged with anonymous, privacy

Anonymous is gaining popularity in media outlets, and their methodology is questioned, yet again

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ISPs of the world: stop messing with my Internet

Posted on Fri 04 February 2011 in news • Tagged with bandwidth cap, net neutrality, UBB

How ISPs are introducing data caps all over the world to gain more control over users

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